What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Because your smile has a bearing on your personality and self-worth, a person’s oral care should never be taken for granted. Everyone should pay attention to the overall condition of his or her teeth and jaw. Oral care is important because it will enhance a person’s aura and impression and it can protect the individual from further dental problems and complications. There are different dental procedures that a cosmetic dentist in Rochester, MN can facilitate for you. One of them is full mouth reconstruction.

Also known as full mouth rehabilitation or as full mouth restoration, full mouth reconstruction involves repairing and restoring the entire set of teeth in both upper and lower jaws. Full mouth reconstruction is highly recommended for individuals who have lost their teeth due to decay or trauma, have injured or fractured teeth, have severely worn tooth due to tooth grinding or long-term acid erosion and have recurring complaints of severe pain that would require adjustment of the bite.

The specific processes involved in full mouth reconstruction may vary from one case to another. It is necessary for the dentists and dental specialists handling your case to take into account your overall medical and dental history in plotting out the appropriate course of action. Dentists are also expected to discuss these procedures with the patient before the start of the treatment. The typical processes included in full mouth reconstruction are prophylactic teeth cleaning, periodontal care, orthognathic surgery for the jaw, placement of temporary or permanent restorations, orthodontics and bone or soft tissue grafting. When you choose full mouth reconstruction, you may undergo some or all of these procedures. On an average, full mouth reconstruction would entail frequent visits for 12 months or more. The cost of full mouth reconstruction is relatively high. However, the value of having a great smile is priceless.

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