What is the first thing you notice when meeting a stranger?

Maybe you notice their eyes, hair or style of clothes. Many Americans report that teeth are the standout feature they notice when meeting somebody new. Whether we like it or not, we are judged based on appearance and there is an emphasis on an attractive, healthy smile. This is why people who were not brought up taking meticulous care of their teeth choose to wear a dental prosthesis, also known as dentures.

Affordable Dentures are a great investment that will provide the beautiful smile you want and need to be confident, healthy and happy. There are several steps involved in the preparation of upper and lower dentures. The first step is to contact Rochester Dental Clinic for a consultation appointment. At this appointment, a professional can answer any questions you may have, let you examine different teeth, colors, shapes and sizes, and determine which will look the most natural for you. Your mouth will also be examined to assess its overall health. After the initial appointment, there will be other appointments to take impressions, view your bite, figure out the dimensions of your mouth and get you on your way to your perfect teeth.

If aesthetics do not motivate you to have dentures made, perhaps the benefits of wearing a denture will help sway your decision. If you are missing upper teeth, especially towards the front, speaking can become impaired. The correct pronunciation of words becomes difficult such as pronouncing the letter “s” or the letter “t”.

Another benefit to wearing a denture or partial denture is because it evens out the bite. When a person is missing teeth and they are not filled in with false teeth, the remaining teeth will have to do more chewing. This excess chewing will therefore put more pressure and forces on remaining teeth since there are no other teeth to evenly distribute the occlusal forces. This pressure will cause the remaining teeth to wear down a lot more quickly and may contribute to tooth loss.

Lastly, wearing a denture will give a person a natural face lift compared to a person without teeth. When there are no teeth in the mouth, the lower jaw moves further forward and the lips become thinner and start to droop. The cheeks develop a burrowed look and the lower portion of the face looks aged. Wearing a denture gives the face the correct dimensions and will help maintain a youthful appearance.

Don’t spend another day lacking self-esteem and hiding behind that smile. Contact Rochester Dental Clinic today and let Dr. Merfeld or Dr. Dison help you get started towards your dream smile. Remember, people will rarely notice old clothes and other accessories if you are wearing a big smile!

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