Tooth Reshaping

Dr. Merfeld and Dr. Dison at Rochester Dental Clinic are pleased to offer tooth reshaping or dental contouring. It is a quick and easy procedure that can set the stage for a beautiful smile. We perform dental contouring in a single session, which provides our patients with a convenient and affordable alternative to more complicated procedures. In just one simple visit patients leave with confidence, knowing their smile is straighter, without unsightly ridges and teeth more even than before.

Why is Tooth Reshaping Done?

Tooth reshaping is a simple cosmetic procedure that can slightly alter the appearance of the tooth. Small amounts of tooth enamel, or the outer layer of the tooth, can be removed to shape the tooth, greatly improving its appearance. Here are some of the most common reasons tooth reshaping is done.

  • Overlapping Teeth: If you have a tooth that is ever-so-slightly overlapping another tooth, it does not make sense to spend thousands of dollars on braces for a minor imperfection. Tooth reshaping can be done to reshape the tooth so it does not overlap another one.
  • Irregularly-Shaped Teeth: Do you have one tooth that is slightly longer than the others? Or perhaps shaped a bit differently than the others? If so, it likely protrudes, drawing unwanted attention. Reshaping can make that problematic tooth match the others.
  • Chips in the Teeth: If you have a small chip or a crack in a tooth, tooth reshaping can remove the damaged layer of enamel, revealing an undamaged layer beneath it.
  • Pointy Cuspids: If your pointy cuspids make others wonder if you’re related to a vampire it may be time to have them reshaped. Tooth reshaping is the perfect option.

Let Dr. Merfeld or Dr. Dison at Rochester Dental Clinic Advise You If Tooth Reshaping May Be Right For You!

Tooth reshaping is not the right solution for every tooth. Only a professional can determine if your teeth are healthy enough for a minor cosmetic procedure and whether you are a candidate for it or not. Schedule your FREE consultation today with Rochester Dental Clinic and Dr. Merfeld or Dr. Dison will help you decide if tooth reshaping is the right solution to improve your smile!

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