When is Tooth Reshaping Needed?

Tooth reshaping is one of the services you can take advantage of by visiting the clinic of your cosmetic dentist in Rochester, MN. Also known as dental contouring, tooth reshaping offers a quick and easy fix to subtle or minor dental problems. Most often, even minor dental problems such as a chip in the front tooth, a couple of worn edges and shallow pits or grooves in the tooth enamel can lead to serious inconveniences and to a significant impact on your oral health. Thus, tooth reshaping still provides great value to an individual.

If you have healthy teeth and you just need minor dental repairs, tooth reshaping is perfect for your need. Individuals with pitted or grooved tooth enamel, chipped or fractured teeth, overlapping or crowded teeth, uneven set of teeth or crooked teeth would definitely be perfect candidates for tooth reshaping. If your teeth also look too close together, you definitely should look into getting tooth reshaping rather than getting braces that would be more expensive. Tooth reshaping is also recommended for people whose teeth have dark or white spots. The process will smoothen the imperfections of the teeth to create a uniform and consistent color. Tooth reshaping takes only one session, making it more convenient and practical in comparison with other more complicated dental procedures.

However, tooth reshaping may also not be suitable for some conditions such as individuals with deep cracks, decay or large chips in their teeth. The process may end up removing too much enamel and create extensive damage to the tooth. If you also have the habit of grinding your teeth, you should consider other options. Teeth grinding already wears off the layer of enamel in your teeth. Removing more enamel will be detrimental to your dental health. If you have these conditions, tooth reshaping may end up doing more harm than good.

On average, 18 to 30 aligners are needed. Each aligner is expected to be worn for approximately two weeks. In addition, it is advisable to wear the Invisalign plastic braces 24 hours a day for maximum efficiency, even though they are easily removable. During your entire Invisalign treatment process, regular dental consultations are very crucial.

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