What Not To Do If You Have A Tooth Abscess

If you have a tooth abscess and can’t get right into our offices right away, here are some of the things to avoid in the meantime.

Avoid Drinking Sugary Drinks

Avoid drinking sugary things because sugar can make the bacteria causing the abscess thrive and spread it within your mouth. You should drink unsweetened tea or plain water until a professional sees you.

Popping the Blister

Don’t pop the blister, it will take a few days for the swelling to go down and you will be tempted to just pop that thing, but don’t. You can actually do more damage and cause more pain. Don’t ever pop the blister from an abscess on your own. Instead, you can get some relief by swishing salt water in your mouth. This will flush some of those bacteria out and aid in reducing the swelling.

Putting Heat on Your Face

Don’t apply heat; the bacteria are attracted to heat, so you don’t want to make things worse. Use cold compresses if you need to, they will also reduce some of the swelling.

Brush Teeth Two Brushes

Brush with two toothbrushes instead of just one. You should brush the abscess part of your mouth with its own brush. You can throw both of your brushes away after you’ve gotten the abscess healed up. We will give you a new brush to take home after your visit.

Delay Seeing Us

Don’t delay, call, and get on the schedule to come get this taken care of right away. Here at Rochester Dental Health Affiliates, we can take care of abscesses and make the pain go away.

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