What Foods to Avoid to Keep Your Smile Bright

Nobody can deny the importance of having a bright smile. It can boost your own confidence and can brighten other people’s day. Fortunately, your Rochester MN dentist will be more than willing to assist you in keeping your teeth as bright and clean as they can be. However, you should also not expect your dentist to do all the work for you. Personal efforts from your end will also be called for. One of the actions you can take to achieve a bright smile is to avoid foods that can create too much stain on your teeth. Together with proper brushing and flossing, these actions can guarantee best results.

A cup of dark or black coffee is one of the mortal enemies of your teeth. Foods and liquids are easily absorbed and retained in the outer layer of the tooth due to its porous attribute. If you can’t kick coffee out of your habit, it is advisable to add milk to it. Milk also contains calcium that helps strengthen teeth. Dark-colored teas should also be avoided. For wine fanatics, white wine is more preferable than red wine. Although wine reduces inflammation and gum diseases, red wine also leaves stains on your teeth. After drinking red wine, it is highly recommended to gargle with water to prevent the stains from sticking to your teeth.

They may be tempting and thirst-quenching but sugary drinks can cause serious damage to a person’s teeth. The acids produced by the breakdown of simple sugars in these drinks can cause the erosion of the tooth enamel. Thus, tooth cavities can easily infiltrate your teeth. You should also avoid dark-colored sodas, including the light versions. Aside from having sweeteners that trigger tooth decay, sodas also leave stains on the outer surface of your teeth. Indeed, any dark liquid including soy sauce should be avoided.

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