The importance of Good Oral Health on the Rest of Your Body

It is a sad reality that oral health continues to be neglected and taken for granted by a lot of individuals, despite continuous reminders by their dentist in Rochester, MN or other places. A lot of individuals end up suffering from tooth, mouth and gum diseases that could have been prevented with the proper dental hygiene. Most individuals fail to realize the link between oral health and the overall physical health and wellbeing of an individual.

Poor oral health leads to a number of harmful effects not only to your mouth but to your whole body. The harmful bacteria that accumulates in your teeth and mouth can cause pain not only to your teeth, mouth and gums but to other parts of your body as well. Even frequent dental procedures and treatments can have a negative impact on your overall health. When you undergo dental procedures and treatments, your saliva flow becomes lesser than usual. This reduced saliva flow changes your body’s normal protective barrier, making it easier for the harmful bacteria to penetrate into your bloodstream.

Your mouth also serves as the vantage point to diagnosing systemic diseases. Systemic diseases refer to those illnesses that affect more than just a single body part but a number of parts of your body. Diabetes and AIDS are examples of systemic diseases with symptoms that appear first on your mouth. In fact, oral signs and symptoms are common in more than 90% of the identified systemic diseases.

Saliva is also widely used as a diagnostic tool in measuring an individual’s physical response. Experts even consider saliva testing as a future replacement to blood testing in being the primary physical diagnostic and monitoring tool. Such a prediction may not be far from reality since numerous saliva testing kits have already been developed, produced and distributed commercially.

Indeed, if you want to remain at the peak of your health, you should take care of your whole body. The best way to start is through oral care.

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