The Importance of Going to the Dentist Every Six Months

One of the questions that we at Rochester Dental Health Affiliates are most often asked is do I really need to see a dentist every six months. People have busy lives and/or tight budgets, which makes their time and money valuable. Because of this, it is only natural for people to wonder if this is truly necessary. The answer to this question is quite simple. It is very important that you see a dentist twice a year. Here are some of the reasons why.

Bi-Yearly Appointments Helps Prevent Gum Disease:

One of the most important reasons that you need to see a dentist twice a year is so that the dentist can examine your gums. The number one cause of tooth lose is gum disease. If your gums are diseased, the gums slowly recede until they can no longer hold the tooth in place. Unfortunately, there is no way to reverse the receding once it occurs. Therefore, it is extremely important that your gums be examined frequently. If a dentist spots signs of disease, they can recommend a treatment course before major problems occur, such as substantial receding of the gums.

Cavities Can be Caught and Treated Before Substantial Damage is Done:

Many people believe that they can skip going to the dentist for check-ups, as they believe that they really only need to go when they have a cavity. Unfortunately, this can lead to further problems and complications. These people fail to realize that cavities often start out very small. As such, most people do not realize that they have a cavity at that stage. The cavity is small and is likely not down to the root. By the time you feel pain in your tooth and realize you have a cavity, you likely need a root canal and filling, if not more extensive dental care. Having routine visits allows the dentist to find these small cavities and fill them, before they turn into bigger cavities that require more care.

Cleaning Your Teeth Twice a Year Helps Ensure Your Teeth Stay Healthy:

The last reason that having a dental appointment every six months is important is so that your teeth can get clean, which helps them stay healthy. Mouthwash, floss and toothpaste can only do so much to clean your teeth. A dentist cleans your teeth at your bi-yearly appointments, removing all the plaque and build-up that is missed during your daily teeth cleaning regimen. This helps keep your teeth clean and healthy.

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