How We Use Lasers at Rochester Dental Clinic

Procedures that involve the use of lasers are becoming very popular and common in medical and dental offices. This is because lasers can accurately reach areas that are hard for hands and other tools to reach and there is no fear of a laser harboring germs or containing bacteria. Here are some of the ways that a laser may be utilized by a dentist here at Rochester Dental Health.

To Remove Tooth Decay:

One of the ways that lasers are used at Rochester MN dentistry is to remove tooth decay. When you have a cavity, the inside of the tooth is decayed. In order to fill the tooth, that decay has to be removed. A laser can be used to remove the decay, allowing a dentist to precisely remove all the decay and bacteria, without removing any more of the tooth than they need to.

To Remove Bacteria from the Gums:

If you have gum disease or an infection in the gums, there is bacteria that is residing in the gums. A laser can be used to reshape or remove parts or layers of the gums, allowing a dentist to remove all of the bacteria that is negatively affecting the gums.

To Whiten Teeth:

Lasers are also one of the methods of teeth whitening in Rochester MN. When your teeth are whitened in this manner, a peroxide bleach solution is placed over the outer surface, or the enamel, of the teeth. A laser is then placed a few inches from the solution, which activates it, allowing it to whiten the enamel on the teeth. This is the most effective and fastest method for teeth whitening.

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