How to Reduce Pain & Anxiety for Dental Patients

Dental anxiety and pain has triggered poor dental hygiene among several individuals. A lot of people choose to ignore dental problems and avoid consulting their Rochester dentist, or dentists in other parts of the country, because of perceived pain. However, with certain medications and techniques, you can consult with your dentist without experiencing this pain and anxiety during most of the dental procedures that may be performed on your teeth.

  • Topical anesthetics. Topical anesthetics are used with a swab to make the gums or the area in the mouth numb or insensitive to pain.
  • Laser drills. Often used in removing tooth decay, laser drills are generally less painful than their counterparts.
  • Electronically-delivered anesthesia. Also known as transcutaneous electrical nerve simulation (TENS), electronically-delivered anesthesia has served as a better alternative to traditional anesthesia shots. With this form of anesthesia, electrical signals are sent to the brain to induce relaxation and numbness to pain. After turning off the electrical device, the patient can resume normal and routine activities such as driving and running.
  • Nitrous oxide. Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is indeed one of the most common forms of sedation in dental procedures. The effects of sedation wear off quickly after the gas has been turned off so the sedation will not cause serious interruption in the routine activities of the patient.

There are other interventions also focus on eliminating or reducing a dental patient’s anxiety. Dentists can provide their patients with an iPod or virtual reality goggles to divert their attention from the dental procedure and the anxiety they feel. Relaxation techniques such as guided imagery, deep breathing, progressive relaxation and biofeedback are also strongly encouraged. In extreme anxiety cases, hypnosis and acupuncture may also help. Psychologists and psychiatrists can also facilitate mental health therapies such as systematic desensitization, cognitive behavior therapies and psychotherapies to help dental patients minimize their anxiety levels.

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