How to Get Your Kids to Properly Brush Their Teeth

Teaching kids about proper dental hygiene certainly qualifies as one of the most difficult tasks a parent, a caregiver, or an educator is faced with. This challenge can be attributed to immaturity and lack of understanding of children to the importance of dental hygiene. However, dental care should not be feared or dreaded by children. When you are able to succeed in teaching them about proper dental care at home, it will be easier for you to bring them to our child-friendly Rochester, MN dental clinic.

Teaching a child to learn a particular skill is always easier at an early age. Indeed, there is much wisdom to the adage that it would be difficult to teach an old dog new tricks. You have to start teaching children how to take care of their teeth and gums while they are still young. When your baby starts growing his or her own set of teeth, use a small and delicate toothbrush. You can also buy flavored toothpastes so kids will enjoy brushing their teeth.

Explain to your children how the formation of plaque can be harmful to their teeth. Dramatize it and make it animated so they will be interested to listen to your story. You could refer to plaque as bad things and you have to save the teeth from them.

Establish a family brushing routine. In the early stages when your child is still learning the habit, make sure you brush with them. Modeling has been considered an effective learning approach, especially for kids. They tend to emulate what they see from parents or other adults. Make sure you also demonstrate the proper way of brushing your teeth, especially in the hard-to-reach areas. Later on, you can start bringing your kids to the dentist for biannual dental consultations.

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