How Invisalign Works

The idea of wearing traditional metal braces may not sound interesting and appealing to all individuals who need orthodontic treatments to achieve a straighter set of teeth. Fortunately, numerous innovations and breakthroughs have been introduced and made available to the public. One of the newer dental interventions you can choose to achieve that straighter set of teeth you want is through the Invisalign system, adapted by the Align Technology, Inc. Many clinics offer the Invisalign system like Rochester, MN dental clinics.

With Invisalign, custom made plastic braces take the place of the traditional metal aligners the public has been used to seeing and/or wearing. Nevertheless, both the plastic braces of Invisalign and the traditional metal braces function in the same way. Invisalign’s plastic aligners apply concentrated light pressure on your teeth to improve their alignment. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign’s plastic aligners are easy to remove so you can eat and drink without any hassle at all. Furthermore, people will also not be able to notice your braces as much because of their invisibility property with Invisalign, unlike that of metal braces.

When you visit your dentist to choose Invisalign plastic aligners, your dentist or orthodontist will use computer imaging to take your bite impressions. The bite impression is necessary so the dentist can check the current alignment of your teeth and have a picture of what the end result should be. Based on the bite impression, a customized set of clear, plastic Invisalign braces will be produced to cater to your specific needs. Fabricated in a laboratory, your Invisalign braces will be customized to your individual dental profile to ensure that you will get the results you and your dentist want.

On average, 18 to 30 aligners are needed. Each aligner is expected to be worn for approximately two weeks. In addition, it is advisable to wear the Invisalign plastic braces 24 hours a day for maximum efficiency, even though they are easily removable. During your entire Invisalign treatment process, regular dental consultations are very crucial.

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