Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

If you would like a whiter smile, you are not alone. A recent study showed that 80 percent of adults aged 18 to 60 would like a whiter smile if it could be easily and inexpensively done. However, out of that 80 percent, only 15 percent have tried teeth whitening with a dental professional. So why would so many people, who want a whiter smile, not take action and whiten their teeth? The number one reason is because they don’t know what to expect out of teeth whitening and that scares them. This is a shame because the process is fairly easy and very effective. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the process. This should help clear up any fear, misconceptions or general questions that you may have if you are contemplating teeth whitening in Rochester, MN.

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Teeth whitening does not hurt. However, if you have sensitive teeth or gums, you may feel a tingly or slight burning sensation. This sensation may be very similar to what you feel when you sit out in the sun without any sun block on. If you experience pain or the burning becomes severe, the process can and should be stopped at that time.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Every day, you eat and drink foods which stain your enamel. During teeth whitening, these stain are broken up and eliminated. This is different than whitening toothpastes and some home whitening kits, which simply bleach over those stains. They don’t eliminate the stains. Whitening with a dental professional eliminates the stains, resulting in healthy, white teeth that stay white for a longer period of time.

How Often Should I Whiten?

There is no hard and fast rule to often you should whiten. This depends on how long your teeth remain white, which varies based on a person’s age, thickness of their enamel, dental care and their eating, drinking and smoking habits. Generally speaking, most people find that whitening once per year is sufficient at keeping their teeth at the whiteness level they prefer.

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